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Ramblings, Musings and Spammings

30 October 1985
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Welcome to my writing journal!!! This is where I'll be posting random snippets of stories and poetry that don't make it to fanfiction.net or fictionpress.net

The main purpose for this journal is to post up my original story (WIP, still untitled) which I've only written the prologue for. That will go up sometime soon. Probably. But in the meantime, enjoy the other bits of rambly stuff here.

Feel free to friend, the more the merrier, but as a warning, I'm not the type who will spam you with comments, so even if you do friend me, just because I don't reply to every post doesn't mean that I don't read it. ^_^" Hope that makes sense.


Comments make me happy, sugar makes me happier~! XD