The Feeling of... Something

The need to get cracking
The inertia to start
Irritated, irritating
Stressed out
Pressure building
Tension mounts
Peer competition
Deadline looming
Technical issues
Non-existent plans
So bloody uncertain
So damn frustrating

Oh screw it all.

Sometimes the English language is just so inadequate when it comes to describing stuff. Like for example, how do you translate 'sian' into English? malaise? lethargy? It just doesn't have the desired kick and impact. Oh well.

My blogs hate me. The websites won't co-operate. Hence I blog from LJ. Wow. All hail the great leaps my cynicism and sarcasm have taken on the stairway to irritabilty heaven. -_-" I should sleep. I don't see the point in showing up to work when my brain isn't awake. Wish I could work from home. except I can't bring my experiments home to do. SIGH.

XXXHOLiC / Angel Sanctuary Crossover Fic

Fanfic: The Mad Hatter's Tea Party
Genre: Humour, Angst
Word count
: 2,800
Don’t own anything, apart from the devious plot and forms of character torture. XD XXXHOLiC belongs to CLAMP, Angel Sanctuary belongs to Kaori Yuki… those lucky people. I apologise if anyone sounds OOC, which tends to happen sometimes when I write crack-fic. The characters end up sounding like me talking. Sigh. Oh well. Enjoy!
Warnings: Some spoilers for Angel Sanctuary maybe? Nothing major though. I think.
Summary: The Mad Hatter comes to call, and Watanuki gets scared out of his mind. XD


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(Poetry) Ghost

this is what happens when i listen to secret garden on loop and have writing urges but nothing to write about. i churn out more cheesy poetry. sigh.

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